Disability Concerns in Kalamazoo Public Schools

Emergent Justice, in partnership with See Change Kalamazoo, recently began an effort to address one part of the School-to-Prison Pipeline – the lack of support by Kalamazoo Public Schools for children with academic and behavioral struggles. We have witnessed story after story of KPS willfully violating the rights of our children, particularly those who have learning disabilities and significant emotional problems.

Do you know of a child in Kalamazoo Public Schools, Youth Home School, or Intensive Learning Center who is not receiving support they need related to their academic and behavioral struggles? Whether it be for a lack of diagnosis, limited resources, or neglect, we must document these systemic problems.

We have asked Disability Rights Michigan to help by gathering stories from individuals and families who have experienced this lack of support.  We are seeking to document stories from both currently enrolled students and people who are no longer in the Kalamazoo Public Schools, but were negatively impacted by them.

Stories can be shared:

By phone: (800) 288-5923 or (517) 487-1753

On the web: http://www.drmich.org/contact

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