About Us


Empowering communities to unapologetically fight to dismantle all systems of injustice throughout Michigan.


To create an equitable and just legal system which is rooted in humanity and respect for all.


We focus on building strong strategic partnerships

We hold and practice respect for all.

We maintain a leadership mindset.

We listen and respond to the needs of our communities.

We practice depth over breadth and action over words.

We recognize the innate equality of every human being.

We prioritize excellence in word and deed in all we do.

We speak our truth and encourage healthy conflict.

We practice transformative justice by actively cultivating all of the things we know prevent violence, harm, and abuse:  accountability, safety, trust, healing and connection.

We have faith together we will accomplish our vision.

photo credit OT Goree
photo credit OT Goree
photo credit OT Goree