Our Work


Changing outcomes & transforming communities

A cooperative organizing model that provides guidance, support, and community for people facing charges, along with their loved ones, and empowers them to directly impact the outcome of cases, to begin healing, and ultimately transform the landscape of power in the criminal system.


In Michigan, people who are convicted of a felony cannot vote while they are incarcerated, but their voting rights are restored upon their release.  Unfortunately many people with felony convictions are trapped by myths and do not know they are able to vote once they are released from custody.  They are not politically involved.  By educating and empowering this significant segment of this population, we will create a bloc of voters who vote on a regular basis to more effectively influence legislation and create much-needed change within our state.


Reproductive Justice (RJ) is the human right to have a child, to not have a child, to parent the children that we have in healthy and safe environments, to make sure there aren’t food deserts or contaminated water or police bullets, conditions that do not make communities safe for the children we bring into the world. It’s rooted in the human rights framework. Ultimately RJ is about the human right to bodily autonomy and self-determination. It doesn’t just focus solely on abortion, but it also unapologetically centers it. RJ also centers on the most marginalized and actively works to dismantle systems of oppression that historically have made it so that a choice is not always possible for marginalized communities — including women who are incarcerated.

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