Emergent Justice

Storytellers of the Movement

Story Collection Projects

Emergent Justice is collecting stories about the areas of injustice we work to change. We’re collecting videos, pictures, and audio from those directly impacted by these injustices. Our goal is to bring awareness, deepen the public’s understanding of what contributes to the injustice, and then motivate them to take action in some way (sign a petition, attend a rally, contact their elected officials, become involved in our work on the issue, etc).

We are using MemoryFox to collect your stories. Each project includes a list of questions/prompts that you answer by recording a video or taking/uploading a picture. Sometimes we will use everything you upload to tell only your story. Other times, we will mix parts of your story with recordings from other people to tell a bigger story about a particular issue.

As we add new projects, we’ll announce them on social media and this website. All Projects are Ongoing unless a deadline is included in the description. You can find More Information, FAQs and video recording tips here.

The Projects

Let’s put a face to the fight to free loved ones who have been wrongfully convicted. 

The videos, audio, and photo you submit will be used to create videos (and other media) about wrongful convictions – especially of the actually innocent. Your video may be combined with videos submitted by others to tell the “big picture” story of Wrongful Conviction and/or kept together to tell the story of the wrongful conviction you are fighting. We’ll be telling these stories through social media, our website and in meetings with those who hold the power to make change.