Emergent Justice

Storytellers of the Movement


Emergent Justice is a nonprofit social justice organization dedicated to challenging injustice by empowering communities to address issues that affect their lives. We are narrative and communications strategists, artists, and community organizers dedicated to advancing social justice and equity.

We believe that our collective investments in housing, education, health, transportation, food security, and jobs will fail if we do not also proactively work to divest this nation’s resources from criminalization. Therefore, we elevate stories of those directly impacted by mass incarceration

As Storytellers of the Movement, our hope is to build capacity around racial justice storytelling in a way that drives sustainable change.

Latest News

Voting is only the 1st step

Voting is important, but it’s just the beginning. We also need to hold our elected officials accountable for the promises they made during their campaigns. This involves monitoring their decisions and speaking out when they fail to fulfill those promises. Eli Savit ran on promises of revamping Washtenaw’s criminal justice system to be more equitable…

HUB and Wrongful Conviction Freedom Warriors Merge

Emergent Justice was formed with Participatory Defense at our foundation, and we first entered the wrongful conviction fight when a case was brought to our Participatory Defense HUB in 2021. We’ve been planning to reactivate our HUB and decided merging the Wrongful Conviction Freedom Warriors with it made sense. Why? We invite you to join…