General Motors and “Nothing Stops Detroit” photo credit: OT Goree

Emergent Justice is a Black women led organization which prioritizes empowerment and continual base building.  An emphasis is placed on hiring directly impacted BIPOC people who can use their life experience and strengths to change the narrative and create positive change.  We were founded by an experienced team of community organizers who together represent a broad range of backgrounds and expertise in social justice, media, education, and human development.

Our mission is to empower communities to unapologetically fight to dismantle all systems of injustice throughout Michigan.  We use a community organizing approach to empower justice impacted multi-generational BIPOC people, who are being traumatized by racial injustice, to create a culture of unity, hope and resilience.

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  • Dominica Sharda
    Convicted Pressure is a place for sharing stories from individuals that have been silenced, ignored and bound by the pressure of conviction. This is a place for those voices to be heard. Our first story is from Dominica Sharda, Freedom Fighter with Emergent Justice.
  • Disability Concerns in Kalamazoo Public Schools
    Emergent Justice, in partnership with See Change Kalamazoo, recently began an effort to address one part of the School-to-Prison Pipeline – the lack of support by Kalamazoo Public Schools for children with academic and behavioral struggles. We have witnessed story after story of KPS willfully violating the rights of our
  • Michigan State Legislators Introduce Bills To Suppress Voting Rights
    Michigan state legislators have introduced 39 bills that restrict citizens’ voting rights, harm election administration and demonstrate a lack of knowledge of existing election procedure and law. Emergent Justice aims to not only educate the public on voter suppression and voter ID laws but also on how and where to