Executive Director of Emergent Justice Speaks at National Summit on Sentence Reform

kamala d harris virtual national summit.

In March the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation held the 10th Annual BWR National Summit featuring Vice President Kamala D. Harris. This virtual event was an immense success. Ms. Elisheva Johnson the Executive Director of Emergent Justice in Kalamazoo Michigan readily participated in the section on justice organizing.

Topics discussed during this justice organizing session included Reimagining Policing, Sentencing Reform, Expanding Second Chances for Returning Citizens, and Reducing Hate Crimes and Violence Against Women and Girls. Within the BWR’s event, Black Women’s Power Solutions Circles: Virtual Issues Organizing Sessions, empowering women like Ms. Johnson discussed eradicating systemic and structural racism and gender bias in the criminal legal system, within the courts and throughout society. Ms. Johnson brought a powerful message on Sentencing Reform.

Elisheva Johnson states, “I am grounded in the belief that collaboration and collective action transcends the lies we were socialized to believe, and are not in accordance with facts and reality. Together we will be free.”

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