HUB and Wrongful Conviction Freedom Warriors Merge

Emergent Justice was formed with Participatory Defense at our foundation, and we first entered the wrongful conviction fight when a case was brought to our Participatory Defense HUB in 2021. We’ve been planning to reactivate our HUB and decided merging the Wrongful Conviction Freedom Warriors with it made sense. Why?

  • Wrongful convictions and over-sentencing have common root causes.
  • The Wrongful Conviction Freedom Warriors was created using the Participatory Defense model of organizing and has operated as a HUB since it began.
A flyer with the words merging into one powerful group for justice.

We invite you to join us this Wednesday, August 30th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm to learn more about our Participatory Defense work and the merging of these two groups. Registration is required:

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